Zero beating the crap out of Kaname, (not how it's done in Silver Fire)

Family Unknown Father and Mother (deceased), Ichiru Kiryu (Twin Brother) Kaien Cross (foster father)
Age 18
Species Ex-Human Vampire
Occupation Student, Cross Academy Guardian
Power Metallic Vines, Wields Bloody Rose
Status Alive
Aliases Bastard, Kiryu

Zero Kiryu is another protagonist in Silver Fire, based on the Vampire Knight character of the same name and appearance.


Appearance Edit

His appearance is a handsome young man. His height is 184 cm (5' 11.3"). He has short silver hair with long bangs and light lavender eyes. He has very pale skin, even paler than the Night Class students. He bears a tattoo on the left side of his neck. He is usually shown in his black 'day' class uniform which he wears incorrectly with the vest and red tie exposed from under his black jacket

(taken from entry in Vampire Knight Wikia).

Relationships Edit

'Sophia Leigh' is his girl. He didn't like her a first, but his ignorance suddenly turned to love.

'Yuuki Kuran' was the girl he loved. She broke his heart and married Kaname. "I hate Yuuki," says Silver Fire author and continues to say, "that's why I had her killed by a bus."

Kaname Kuran, Zero has hated his guts since he first met him when Zero was around 12 years old. Zero was glad to kill him.

Ichiru Kiryu, Ichiru is Zero's younger twin brother. He loves his brother though rarely shows his affection as it is clouded with Zero's ignorant personality and hatrid.