Aidou Hanabusa (left) Yuuki Kuran (right)

Yuuki Cross or Kuran

Is a character hated by most. Including the author of Silver Fire, who sits writing this article now.

Anyway, Yuuki is a pureblooded vampire, though is killed by a bus, driven by Ruka Souen and with Sophia Leigh as a passenger.


Her height is 155 cm (4' 11.8") and has brown hair and reddish-brown eyes. Before coming a vampire, her body is very cherubic, since she has very few curves. Following her transformation to a vampire, her body rapidly began to mature and her short hair grew long overnight. After her transformation her height is about 160cm (5'3").

(From Vampire Knight Wikia Entry)


Kaname Kuran

Kaname Kuran is Yuuki's brother and husband, she is often judged by the Day Class for marrying her brother.

Ruka Souen

Ruka always hated Yuuki, so much that she ended up killing her (see image)

Sophia Leigh

Sophia made quite an impact on Cross Academy when she arrived, on one of her first nights she kicked Yuuki to the ground in her haste to escape Kaname. After Kanames death, Yuuki confronted Sophia, thinking she was the killer, though Sophia simply replied

“What tw’at told you that one smartass?”

Zero Kiryu

Zero used to love Yuuki, until she broke his heart into a million billion pieces when she reawakened into a vampire and married Kaname. Zero only got over Yuuki when he met Sophia.

“It’s simple. I loved her, she loved me, but she loved him more.” He looked down at his noodles, to avoid meeting my eyes.

“Oh, I see, and do you still love her?” I asked.

“Not anymore,” he said and added hesitantly, “I’ve kind of found someone new.”


An artists impression of Yuuki's death, (by Silver Fires author)