Sophia LeighEdit

Basic Info
Family Unnamed Father, Unnamed Mother
Age 17 (epilouge 18)
Species Human
Occupation Cross Academy Student
Powers Wields Artemis Rod, Can "open a can of British whoop-ass"
Status Alive
Aliases Soph, Leigh, Ginge, Zero's Bitch, The girl nobody knew

Sophia Leigh Kiryu (née Sophia Leigh) is the main character in Silver Fire, as the fan-fiction is from her point of view. She is originally from Walthamstow, London, but moved to Cross Academy in Japan. The story is set when Sophia is 17 years old, and Zero aged 18. She supports Arsenal F.C, whilst her father supports Manchester United F.C

Her birthday is thought to be somewhere between December 28th - January 25th, as she gets engaged December 25th but has her birthday before the wedding.

"She's the me I'm not." says Silver Fire's author aged 11, "she is girl I want to be,"


Sophia has long, fiery ginger hair, pale skin, and bluish-grey eyes. She usually wears the Day Class uniform, but is mentioned to prefer jeans and a T-Shirt. She is quite short for her age, but taller than Night Class student Hanabusa Aidou.


Zero Kiryu

Upon first meeting Zero Sophia was fasinated by him, yet scared at the same time. Their ignorance to each other turned to love as the book progressed as he comes all the way to London to take her home after she was sent away by her father.

Mr Leigh

Mr Leigh is Sophia's father and calls her back to London when Zero injures her, she despises him in the week she stays in London.

Lyra Shakespeare

Lyra is Sophia's room-mate at Cross Academy and is her best friend. Lyra often becomes worried about Sophia as she breaks a lot of the rules. Though Lyra dosen't show her concern, Sophia knows that she worries.

Hanabusa Aidou

Aidou considers Sophia his enemy, as from the time she stood up to him in front of his "bitch", Molly Miyako. Sophia often makes jokes about Aidous height, as he is considerably smaller than everyone else.

Molly Miyako

Molly and Sophia first met on the night that resulted in Sophia being bitten and then on the next night, the death of Kaname Kuran. Molly Miyako is the lead protagonist in Silver Fire's sister novel, Turquoise Emeralds.

Yuuki Kuran and Kaname Kuran

The Kurans did not know Sophia long before their death (witnessed on both occasions by Sophia) but whilst they were alive, they did not like each other at all. Starting with Sophia kicking Yuuki's shins and then after his death tripping her up into a tree and stealing the Artemis Rod.