Molly + Aidous songEdit

Molly and Aidous song is I Like Your Hair by Scotty Vanity. It was featured in Silver Fire as the song Aidou sings before meeting Molly in his bedroom, where they have their first kiss.
Eyeliner is spiffy

Scotty Vanity's album Eyeliner is Spiffy, the album Molly and Aidous song is from.

Ocean eyes

Ocean Eyes, by Owl City, the album Sophia and Zero's song comes from

Sophia + Zeros Song

Sophia and Zeros song is Vanilla Twilight by Owl City, it was played on Zero's iPod at the Winter Ball as the pair did not like the selection of classical songs playing. During this song the two "danced", it wasn't exactly dancing as neither of them had talent to dance in any way so they merely shuffled in an odd square.