Mr. Leigh is Sophia's father and calls her back to live in London when she is injured by Zero. It is mentioned that he is a Manchester United Supporter, while Sophia supported Arsenal.


No appearance is mentioned for Mr. Leigh, may come soon! Silver Fire is yet to be completed.


Mrs. Leigh

Mrs. Leigh is Sophias mother and Mr Leighs wife. She is not mentioned anywhere so far, so it is debatable where she is. He was slightly dissapointed in her when she took Zero's side in an argument.

Sophia Leigh

Sophia is Mr Leighs daughter, and returns to live with him after she is injured, though the stay is short due to her dissapearance. Sophia loves her dad, but would choose Zero over him anyday.

Zero Kiryu


Mr Leigh hated Zero before they had the chance to meet,

“Zero, bastard. I swear to God if I find that boy...”

It is said that Zero could take Mr Leigh any day.