Classic Whodunit Illustration

Molly Miyako after a scene in Turqoise Emeralds. Drawn by the Writer of Turqoise Emeralds.

Basic Information
Family: Unknown Parents And Siblings.
Age: 17
Species: Vampire (Level-B)
Powers: "Soul-Sight"
Aliasis: Aidou's "Bitch" (Named by Sophia Leigh and the Day Class girls.) Dorothy (by Zero)
Occupation: Night Class Student
Status: Alive

Molly MiyakoEdit

Molly Miyako is 17 years old and is the main protaginist of "Silver Fire's" sister novel "Turqoise Emeralds". Not much is known about her past in Silver Fire. She is quiet but Mischevious and keeps to herself and her close friends. She sighs frequently when she finds herself falling in love with Hanabusa-Aidou after he saves her from seriously hurting Sophia Leigh (The main Protaginist). She is not very popular among the day class because of Aidou's attatchment to her and is mutual enemies with Ruka-Souen after Ruka believes Molly to be an omen to the school after Kaname-Kuran's death. She is very attatched to her small leathern diary which she writes in ever night before it gets misplaced.


Molly has short, straight, layered blonde hair. She has a very pale, almost white, skin complexion. And bright green eyes which are framed with long eyelashes.


Molly is shy around new people and quick to obey people who are higher than her 's orders. She is quiet but mischevious and can often be found breaking some rules at some point. She is very brave and skilled in fighting after she defeated a Level-E in "Turqoise Emeralds". She becomes more outgoing as the fanfiction goes on as she has been under influence of Hanabusa-Aidou for a long time. She can be very comforting and sweet to the people she is close to.


Aidou + Molly

Aidou and Molly's relationship doesn't get off to the best start when she uses her power infront of the whole night-class to Aidou's dismay. After Aidou stopped Molly from drinking from Sophia the pair grow closer till they both stand as best friends. Molly had started to love Aidou from around the second to thrid chapter of "Turqoise Emeralds." and discovers the love is mutual later on in the book.

Sophia + Molly

Sophia and Molly do not see eye to eye. Especially after the blood drinking episode. She often cracks jokes about Molly being "Aidou's bitch." Molly finds Sophia's behaviour amusing and irresponisible and is in a hate to like dillema with her.

Kaname + Molly

When Molly first arrives at Cross-Academy she is greeted very warmly by Kaname-Kuran who flirts with her absent-mindly. Molly does not return the gestures and tries her hardest to ignore him.

Ruka + Molly

Molly and Ruka are mutual enemies throughout "Turqoise Emeralds". After Kaname-Kuran's death Molly is branded an omen by Ruka and she tries her best to get her out of the school especially after Molly gets her hair wet in a snowball fight.