Basic Information

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Hanabusa (Sister) Lord Hanabusa (Father) Unknown (Mother)
Age: 18
Species: Vampire (Level-B)
Powers: Conjures and Controls ice.
Aliasis: Idol-Senpai, Hana-banana (by Sophia), Blondie (by Sophia)
Occupation: Night-Class Student
Status: Alive

Aidou HanabusaEdit

Aidou is one of the protaginists for Silver Fire's sister story 'Turqoise Emeralds.' He has the same characteristics as the vampire knight character. He is outgoing, flirty and a trouble-maker. The first time you meet him in Silver Fire is when he stops Molly Miyako from drinking Sophia Leigh's blood. Aidou and Molly slowly start to show feelings for each other until they eventually fall in love. To the Day class girls dismay. Aidou is keen to protect Molly from any danger that may occour but Molly has shown great strength and bravery to make us think she doesn't need his help.


Aidou, possesses wavy blonde hair and eyes that are remotely close to turquoise. His height is 177 cm and has pale skin like most of the vampires.


He is very outgoing and charismatic, often playing up in front of the Day Class girls. He cares very deeply for his friends, and is fiercly loyal and protective over Molly.


Molly + Aidou

Molly and Aidou's relationship didn't start off perfectly when Molly displayed her power infront of the night class with Aidou at the end of it. After he saw Molly sneaking away to drink from one of the students he pulled her off the girl and comforted her. Since then he was loyal to Molly and they were great friends. He later discovered his profound love for Molly as it progresses throughout the book.

Sophia + Aidou

Sophia and Aidou strongly dislike each other ever since she was caught sneaking around the moon dormitories. She constantly makes fun of his height and his name which has led to Aidou hating her guts.

Akatsuki + Aidou

Akatsuki had always hinted that Aidou had a liking for Molly since the beginning of 'Turqoise Emeralds'. Aidou mostly threw the comments away without a thought until later in the book where he relied on Akatsuki for advice on what to do.